Saturday, September 23, 2006

Women: Write 'em off: CRAParty of Canada

Women don't typically vote for the CRAParty of Canada, so let's cut funding to Status of Women Canada. This isn't exactly news, but what is new and disturbing is the way the minister responsible for SWC, Bev Oda, has blatantly refused to answer direct questions on the issue. Minister Oda has also not heeded calls from Canadian citizens of both genders to state her position when it became clear that REAL Women had suceeded in their lobbying efforts and the future of SWC was at risk.

At the time, Liberal Leadership candidate Ken Dryden wrote to Minister Oda asking her to confirm her support for SWC and its important projects. Rather than helping Canadian women, like Mr. Dryden is committed to doing, Minister Oda has decided to punish all groups that don't fit her party's ideological agenda.

It's pretty telling when Liberal men are more concerned about gender equality and diversity than Conservative women.


At 7:42 p.m., Blogger Miles Lunn said...

I certainly oppose shutting down the Status of Women, that being said any political lobby group of any political stripe shouldn't get funding. Those that run women's shelters help women advance in society should continue to receive funding, but not those that are highly partisan. Going to the webpages of some who get funding, some seemed a little too political. Off course cutting off their funding is not the solution but rather change the guidelines, which I am sure they would comply with.


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