Sunday, December 07, 2008

Iggy Campaign to Senate and Grassroots: Your Voices Don't Count

The Ignatieff braintrust has been lobbying hard today for a caucus vote to select a new leader. Last I checked, the full Liberal caucus includes Senators, however Team Iggy doesn't think our esteemed caucus members from the Upper Chamber deserve a say. They're in good company, however, because Team Iggy doesn't think individual Liberal Party of Canada members should have a say either. A lot of people are horrified by this but it makes a certain amount of sense given the hunger for power Iggy and his team have not even taken pains to conceal over the past two years. Seems only 10 of 58 Senators back Iggy with the overwhelmingly majority backing Bob Rae. And 50 of 77 MPs support Iggy according to his campaign. You do the math.

As for the grassroots.... Well. Given that it is these hardworking Liberals who fight elections, donate money, and all that non-elitist stuff, one might imagine that they were clearly baffled by Iggy's tepid reaction to any coalition. Why wouldn't we seize any opportunity to get back into power - even with Dion as temporary leader? they are no doubt wondering. Good question, that.

So, if Iggy has his way he will be selected by less than 1% of the party base, with only 2 Liberals between Toronto and Vancouver having the franchise. Brilliant.