Saturday, September 29, 2007

Quebec Liberals, Resignations, etc.

There has been a lot of consternation among certain Quebec Liberals over alleged remarks by a certain Liberal staffer. The most vocal advocate of serious consequences is none other than the wildly popular (not very, actually), President of LPC(Q). The same President who opted to criticise Leadership candidates who weren't his choice at Liberal events. The same President who is at war with the duly elected Senior's Commission (Dionistas - all). The same President who verbally attacked a prominent Liberal activist in plenary at a General Council meeting back in June and was rebuked by a Senator for his trouble. The same President who refuses to allow a biennial policy convention in Quebec though we are overdue. It should be noted that any such convention would also include an election of the LPC(Q) executive positions - including his own. Maybe if Me Fragasso really wants to make a point he should resign and let a convention return him overwhelmingly as our prez.

And of course: the same President who opted to run crying to the media rather than clarify and if need be - rectify - the situation internally.