Friday, April 20, 2007

Mulcair Makes His Choice

Quebec's former environment minister, Thomas Mulcair has chosen to run as an NDP star candidate in Quebec rather than selling out to the Conservatives, who also wanted him. He lives in my beautiful riding of Lac-Saint-Louis, but it's not likely he will run here. The Gazette suggests he may run in Outremont if a by-election is held. It would be interesting, though, if he opted to run in Laval-les-Iles, which includes Chomedy (his provincial seat) where constituents are still annoyed with Raymonde Folco.

Mulcair was a strong critic of his own government's environmental record, as well as the nonsense spewed last year by Rona Ambrose. He chose the New Democrats because he believes they are the best on environmental issues. This should be very interesting. The NDP organisation in Quebec is pitiful and this guy could be very good for them.

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