Thursday, March 15, 2007

Dryden in Darfur

The MP from York Centre has spent part of the parliametary break in Sudan. The Star reports on it:

For the past week, he has been travelling hard to dangerous places. But he exhibits the enduring stamina of the star goaltender who helped lead the Montreal Canadiens to six Stanley Cups.
"Sudan is an important part of the world and its Darfur region has a big, big problem," he says after returning from Darfur.

"Like the majority of Canadians I would like to do what I can," he says, when asked why he is here – alone, visiting for the first time – exposing himself to what the United Nations calls "the world's worst humanitarian crisis" and the U.S. government brands "genocide."
"And like the majority of Canadians, including those in positions of governmental responsibility, I don't quite know what the best way is. But I would like to try to find it."

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