Saturday, March 17, 2007

Ordre du Jour: Intolerance

By now everybody and their dog has blogged about Boisclair's remarks. He has refused to apologise, blamed a linguistic gap and is now being backed up by Dumont and Charest. Ok, so maybe it is part of his regular vocabulary, but does that make it right? Regardless of meaningless attempts to gloss it over by Boisclair's rivals and further exacerbation of the situation by the PQ's communications director, Shirley Bishop, it should not be a matter of 'if' he should clarify/ retract/ apologise, but 'when'.

To add to an already abysmal week, Boisclair now says that even a minority PQ government would hold a referendum. Desperate, desperate, desperate.

The Intolerance Party of Quebec (aka ADQ) is now attempting to pander to the Anglo community. After stating that school boards should be scrapped - a move that would irreparably harm English-speaking Quebecers - he now informs us that English schools are safe. Maybe I'm a bit of a cynic, but as an Anglo nothing about Mario Dumont and his vision for Quebec makes me feel safe. His desperation to shore up West Island Anglo votes is further evidenced by his claim that he would scrap the glom councils. What I'm sure many of my West Island neighbours would really like to know is how he felt about the mergers in the first place. I encourage my fellow square-heads not to fall for this line of pure, unadulterated bullshit.

The Federal Intolerance Party of Canada has ejected media from its campaign bootcamp in Toronto. In light of their tax-payer-funded espionage on Stephane Dion, I find this particularly rich.

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