Monday, March 19, 2007

The Hypocrisy of Mario Dumont

Vincent Marissal had a great blog entry yesterday describing Mario Dumont's 180 on municipal mergers and his political opportunism in general - disgraceful is a word he uses. He echoed my own sentiments on Dumont's support for the mergers and his recruitment of Mr. One Island One City Pierre Bourque in 2003.

The thing that I really don't understand is what is going on with Maria Tutino, Mayor of the Town of Baie d'Urfe. Maria was the most vocal opponent of the municipal mergers that I have the pleasure of knowing. Her Blue Ribbon campaign spread throughout Montreal, and with some help, to suburbs of Quebec City. For the past two months, she has been encouraging West Islanders to vote for the ADQ, appearing at a press conference with Mario Dumont back in January. I learned today that Mayor Tutino and her city councillors distributed a letter to residents of Baie d'Urfe, encouraging them to vote for the ADQ. Now either Maria is unaware of Mario Dumont's linkages with the hated mergerites (Bourque in particular) or she is so deadset on punishing Charest's Liberals that she doesn't care. Either way, the fact that anyone as opposed to municipal mergers as the formerly non-political Maria Tutino is supporting the ADQ is simply appalling. Especially given the demographics in her town. Put simply, the ADQ treats the Anglo community with disdain. A Mayor who would sell out her constituents like this really needs to re-think this whole thing - or at least do her homework. Can she really be ignorant of the ADQ's past?

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At 11:19 p.m., Blogger Anh Khoi Do said...

You say that the idea of "One island, one city" is a way for the ADQ to treat Anglos "with disdain". Aside from that, you don't any other example to support your argument about how Mario Dumont is apparently treating Anglos "with disdain".


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