Thursday, March 08, 2007

A bit of circumspection is in order

First, I want to wish all Liberals, women and other interested parties a very Happy International Women's Day. The Quebec Women's Liberal Commission celebrated Friday evening at the Queen E - what a great event with the gang all there. Even a massive snow dump didn't keep people away. Congrats to my talented colleagues who organised the evening, as well as the wonderful musicians who entertained us.

Now on to some more serious business. As points out in her two posts today, some serious blabbering is going on and it's not helpful. And it's not just a matter of reports 'accidentally' going astray and fellow Grits criticising the Leader. Blabbering bloggers are a big part of the problem. There are the bloggers who - while supposedly being Liberal - gleefully point out every negative media piece on Stephane Dion with a kind of 'I told you so attitude'. There are bloggers who feel the need to describe exactly where they believe the Leader is going wrong and providing public tips. For frig's sake, if you're all as 'well-connected' as some of you like to allude, you'd know where to direct your input, rather than posting on a public blog and being all self-congratulatory about the supposed response. There is a certain blogger who likes to report on his blog about tidbits he's gotten from his friends on the Electoral Commission. If they can't keep their yaps shut, perhaps they are too immature to participate. Then there's a rather prominent blogger musing openly about what he perceives as our relative powerlessness to set any agendas. Should he really be chairing a session on election readiness at the LPCM AGM?



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