Thursday, May 04, 2006

Women and the Liberal Leadership Race

Canada has a very poor record among the developed world and even now the developing world in terms of women's representation. At last year's National Policy Convention women Liberals made it abundantly clear that this is something that has to change. Yet, we fielded a dismally low percentage of women candidates nationally in January, even more dismal when looked at in terms of 'winning ridings'. In Quebec, 26 of the 75 candidates were women, but only two were in 'safe' Liberal seats.

The candidates for leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada need to address this imbalance - whether it's a woman or a man. This issue is a constant focus of Women's Commissions and clubs across the country, but it is something that goes virtually ignored when nomination time rolls around. The wise candidate is the candidate who pays more than lip service to changing the Party Constitution to entrench proportional representation of women in the Commons, Senate and Party structure.


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