Thursday, December 14, 2006

CPC: All Wrong About Quebec

As was Ignatieff, but I digress.

As the CPC plummets to only a dozen percentage points in this province, Quebecers have to wonder if all the grief has been for naught. The last six weeks of the leadership race were marred by idiotic discussions and disputes about Quebec nationhood. No blame, but we all know where this originated.

So, the CPC, having trouble with an original thought of their own, decideds that NATION is the key to winning hearts and minds of Quebecers - of a certain background anyway. Lo and behold, Steve steals Iggy's fire and snags the nation thing right out from under him. It's passed in the House. The CPC follows this ass-kissing excerise with a money-dropping tour of CPC ministers in Quebec. The CPC emphasises their commitment by having ministers speak even more French in the house than even 101 would mandate in Quebec.

And WHERE has this gotten them? The numbers speak for themselves.


At 10:00 a.m., Blogger Antonio said...

right and gay marraige and the environment have NOTHING to do with that.

Let's not forget, with the two parties on the same page in terms of the nation, Quebecers can choose the more progressive one.

At 10:05 a.m., Blogger Sinestra said...

Antonio, I daresay the Afghan mission might have something else to do with it. And you are just proving my point: The nation thing was NOT all that important. You and I BOTH KNOW THAT!While you and other were on about how Iggy is the ONLY one really in touch with Quebecers, other people suggested that the environment, econony, etc. might be more important to Quebecers. Have you changed your mind about the extreme importance of this? It all seems pretty stupid now.

At 11:54 a.m., Blogger Antonio said...

no it doesnt

had the party said no, we would never hear the end of it

why do people remember meech, cuz it didnt pass

At 12:37 p.m., Blogger Edgewater Views said...

Sinestra. Bang on.

Antonio - so why then did Ignatieff place so much risk on the party (and the cournty) for an idea that generated mixed results?

My take is that it was a lack of foresight, and that no amount of Iggy spin in retrospect will convince me otherwise.

This was just a bad idea. The Ignatieff advisors in Quebec should share in this responsibility and then move on.

Thankfully the Liberal party kind of dodged a bullet at Convention, even though most of caucus was drawn in to betting on the "wrong horse". Consituents now know whether their Liberal MPs are leaders or followers

At 1:11 p.m., Blogger James Curran said...

And why did 83% of Liberal delegates surveyed and 83% of Canadians in general disagree with the LPCQ resolution?!?

Get over it Antonio. Michael is a friend of mine, but the gamble played against him and his strategists led him astray.

Chantal Hebert continues to fuel this fire in the national media and she is becoming embarassing to read anymore.

Dion is our leader and we're best to rally behind the man that helped us win 37 seats with Mr. Chretien in Quebec.

At 1:57 p.m., Blogger canuckistanian said...

the current poll numbers for the cons in quebec are incontrovertible proof that quebec nationalists are utterly useless electorally and dangerous to the unity of the nation (sigh, yes canada). they need a long time out in the political wilderness.

growing up i had much respect for chantal hebert's views on The National (yes...canada) At Issue panel. however, she has become too embarassing to watch and read lately...she is so out of touch with reality, its sad really.

how many times do the quebec nationalists have to reconfirm for us that they do not represent quebec before we stop listening to them??? its a national (sigh, yes canada) embarassment that we engage in these games of pandering and appeasement to emotional issues of identity that distract from real issues affecting canadians (quebecois included).

which reminds me...who the hell are the quebecois??? what ever happened to les canadiens??? remember them, the first europeans to set up camp in this great land??? i guess that is what you get when you leave education under provincial jurisdiction in the constitution; a generation of people indoctrinated by provincial mythology. it is sad that the idea of diverse peoples living together in a country is in such shambles that we can't even share a name.


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